Pablo Francisco Isla Vázquez


He is an attorney with more than 20 years of experience in important and recognized Law Firms, as well as in the corporate sector. Specialized in advisory and consultancy in private mediation, corporate law, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, logistics and transportation, real estate and contracts and agreements of different nature. His specialization has been practiced mainly in matters related to corporate restructures, mergers and acquisitions, asset purchases and sales, public biddings, among others.

He is Certified Private Mediator number 362 by the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico City.

Areas of Practice

  • Certified Private Mediation
  • Civil and Commercial 
  • Diligent Corporate
  • Strategic Administrative

Professional Experience

He was a partner of Sesma, Sesma & McNeese.

He was a General Counsel of Pernod Ricard México.

He was a founding partner of Cuéllar, Aguilar, Morlett, Isla y Abogados.

Founding partner of Martín, Isla & Pickering abogados, current partner and member of the Board of Managers.

Relevant Cases

He represented several international companies of the Mexican market at all business levels, mainly creating, developing and implementing the structure of transactions such as joint ventures, asset purchases and sales, shares and credits, as well as providing advisory in public bidding matters. He conducted several due diligences for the acquisition of companies by multinational groups.

As a Certified Private Mediator, he has facilitated conflict negotiation and resolution, using mediation techniques in matters of service procurement, asset purchases and sales, minority rights, debt acknowledgement and payment, among other matters.


“Analysis Regulation of Sociedades Anónimas Promotoras de Inversión (SAPI’s) in comparison to Sociedades Anónimas Comunes” [Análisis de la regulación de las Sociedades Anónimas Promotoras de Inversión (SAPI´s) y Contrastes con las Sociedades Anónimas Comunes”], published by Editorial Porrúa.

He also issued “Effective implementation of the Madrid Protocol in Mexico – Studies in industrial and intellectual property matters” (“Efectiva implementación del protocolo de Madrid en México – de propiedad industrial e intelectual”), published by Editorial NOVUM.

He wrote “Brief analysis of the mining law” (“Breve análisis de la legislación minera”) ARS IURIS No. 27, published by Centros Culturales de México, A.C.

Social Responsibility

He has worked pro-bono with “Fundación Little Big”.

Educational Activities

Currently, he is professor of Corporate Governance at Universidad Panamericana, as well as Commercial Contracts, Negotiable Instruments and Credit Transactions and Contract Negotiation at Universidad Anáhuac.


  • BA in Law by the Universidad Panamericana obtaining the summa cum laude.
  • LLM in Corporate Law by the Universidad Panamericana, with recognition of his professional exam.
  • LLM in Tax Law by the Universidad Humanitas.
  • MBA by the Incarnate Word University.
  • Graduate studies of “IX Diploma in Private Mediation” (“IX Diplomado en Mediación Privada”) in civil, commercial, familiar, criminal and justice for teenagers’ matters, obtaining certification by the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico City.
  • Specialization in Commercial Law by the Universidad Panamericana.


Spanish and English.